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5 Reasons for Travel Agents still in demand

Updated: Jun 20

In the present age of Smartphones,Tablets and easy accessibility to internet ,

booking tour packages is not as difficult as it used to be.There are so many

options available online that many people think ,travel agents are no longer

essential for planning holiday packages .This is however, not true .

Travel advisors may not be useful for backpackers or budget travel but they

are very much in demand for Luxury Holiday Packages and group tour packages.

Arrival of new advanced technology,new destinations,more cruises and new airline

categories have changed planning of vacation packages.Now travel professionals

are more in demand than ever before.

Here are 5 reasons why travel agents are still in demand

  1. Professional Expertise :

If you are looking for a simple weekend hotel booking or flight booking then you can do it yourself .If your travel needs a customized tour to specific neighborhood with special amenities or you want to experience the trip of a life time ,travel agents are there to help you with their knowledge and provide you advice as per your customized needs.

More than 80% try to check online first but ultimately will book with travel agent when

the cost and complexity of the trip is significant.

2. Best Travel Deals:

Many travelers believe that cutting out middleman will provide them great savings but

it is opposite. They know more about destinations , they are well connected and can often offer you the best value and rates on your holiday getaway. The travel knowledge and advice they can share from personal experiences is also a priceless quality you couldn’t get from a travel booking site. To sweeten the deal, they can access additional perks such as VIP packages, room upgrades or restaurant reservations you couldn’t get on your own.

3. Time and Stress saving :

More than half of Millennial leisure travelers believe that vacations planned by travel agents were better than those planned without taking help of travel agents .

With so many options available online vacation planning can not be overwhelming

but time consuming .As travel agents travel the world and trained with vacation products ,they can save you time and provide you stress free vacation.

4. Trip Safety and Security :

Travelers know that anything can happen after booking the tour from flight cancel

or reschedule ,family member may fall ill during or before travel ,lost luggage etc.

Travel agents provide the reassurance that someone is there for you to help resolve

any bumps on the road and provide guidance on how they can help you move forward.

At sunnsandholidays we promise to help before ,during and after the vacations.

5. Human touch - an element of trust :

With increase in technology we are able to connect better but we are loosing personal touch that led to decline in interpersonal relationships.We see sales world too often with

automated machines doing the job. Travel agents are real people ,they are always there

to help travelers and ready to resolve any issue arises in foreign countries .

We at sunnsandholidays are available over phone ,emails or our clients can visit us in office if they want to meet us. Local assistance is provided 24 x 7 during the vacation .

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