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New York "The City that never sleeps"

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New York City is one of the most famous, craziest,exciting and beautiful cities on the Planet. The big apple has everything you have ever dreamt of.

You might have seen New York City on silver screen,might have read in books.

Many Hollywood and Bollywood films are pictured in this beautiful city.

I have visited New York many times and each time I see new places and events popping up, discovering new restaurants ,exhibitions and bars.

There are so many things to do depending on number of days,budget and season .

Plan your trip at least three months before to get good deals for flights and hotels .

Sun N Sand Holidays LLC is always there to help planning your USA tours.

There are three major airports in New York : JFK ,Newark and La Gaurdia .

Shuttle service for shared transfers and taxis are available for Manhattan hotels.

Statue of Liberty : The Statue of Liberty is a neoclassical sculpture on the

Liberty Island in New York in the United States . Try to take an early Ferry .

Visit Financial capital of the world , The Wall Street .Home to world's two largest stock exchanges New York Stock exchange and NASDAQ. Also visit the signature Charging Bull.

Empire State Building : The Empire state building is a 102-story Skyscraper in midtown Manhattan .It is the most photographed building in the world built in 1931.

United Nation(UN) and Fifth Avenue can also be seen before arriving at the Rockefeller Center, a national historic landmark one of New York’s most inspiring locations. If you are visiting in winter,don't forget to rent Ice Skates for The Rink.

You could catch a Dance show , Concert or a comedy show in the evening.

Start your morning in Central Park where you have opportunities to visit New York's best Museums . You can grab Bagel or a piece of pizza .

If you are interested in Science and natural history ,then American Museum for Natural History is for you. MOMA is another museum for lovers of modern art.

I don't suggest visiting more than two museums ,it's tiring.

Night time is for Time Square .It's crowded ,commercialized place lit up at night.

Really there is no place like Time square.

Brooklyn Bridge is one of the best things to do in New York .

If you are staying in Manhattan ,walk towards Brooklyn via this impressive

Brooklyn Bridge.

Travel Tips for your trip to New York

1. Find Hotel in a convenient area :

New York is the most expensive city in the world .

Time Square has the most expensive hotels .Try to get hotels in Midtown or nearby area not in the heart of Time Square.

2. Try to use Public transport :

Taxis cost too much .Don't afraid of public transport .Use local buses or trains .

3. Dress for the city :

Look stylish but be comfortable .Jeans and legging will do or try cool joggers

with a jacket. Ladies , don't wear high heels as you have to walk around a lot .

Cotton and breathing clothes for summer and super warm down coats

and boots for winter.

4. To Call a Taxi :

Stand on curb and raise your arm up looking for Taxi. Make sure you are not

standing on a bus stop as taxis are not allowed to stop there.

5. Tip everywhere :

If you are coming outside of US ,remember to tip everywhere except in

fast food restaurants .

If you are visiting other cities like Washington,Philadelphia,Niagara Falls with New York ,

group tours are the best options .Sun N Sand Holidays LLC also provides group tours.

Enjoy your trip !!!!

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